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May 8, 2010

"Show no love,Love will get you killed"


        Love, a popular word often used and abused. Some see love as a beautiful thing while others take this word and throw it to the ground within a negative light. Recently my own thoughts began to make me wonder about this very word.
            This very word is powerful in many of ways. It is used for negative reasons and positive all in the same. In the movie “Get Rich or Die Trying” 50 Cent’s character Curtis said “Show no love, love will get you killed”. Now these very words can translate to the bible, the story of Jesus before his death.
            For those who don’t know Jesus was betrayed by someone he “loved”. His friend Judas sold him for money and in the end Jesus still loved him. These quotes and sayings transition over to life. You see many of us want to be loved and claim we are in love. To be completely honest, I will be the first to say there is nothing wrong with that. Being in love and loving someone (or something) is fine.
            Recently however, a friend of mine posed the question to me “What do you feel about love?” All my life I have answered this question but now after finding out who I am as an individual my answer has changed. You see in my opinion love is something that can either hurt you or greatly hinder you.
            Love can help you in many ways but the biggest thing I see in loving anything or anyone is that it must bring peace to your life. Loving something must make you happy but it must not take the place of your personal happiness. This is where many of the cons with love come in.
            Love must not be your source of confidence and self-determination. I feel as though many men and women in this day search for something/someone to love in order to fill a personal void. This should not be the case regardless of the situation you are in. Have you ever heard of someone successful with no loves? Whether they be physical or not is not the point.
            The overall point to love is to find things that help you to maintain your sanity on earth. Single mothers often love their children and doing everything for them makes them happy. The same can be said for a man who does things for his woman that are viewed as outrageous. If that man and that single mother truly love themselves they know what they are doing. They choose to do the things they do because it puts them at peace but they also must remember that the day that peace stops their actions must stop.
Even though you are in love there are some things that you just can’t tell anyone or discuss. If you’re in love with yourself, then you will know your likes and dislikes. Remember that I’m not saying love is bad. Just remember to love yourself because when everything you love is gone you will be the only one/thing left to please. If you don’t learn to please yourself while pleasing others then Love is unimportant right now in your life. 

-Geoffrey Allison


  1. kbjr said...

    this couldnt be closer to the truth. you really have some thoughtful perspectives man.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Wow, this really changes my view upon things in my life right now. Thank you!